Our Principles of Responsibility

Through complete automation solutions, help customers change the existing industry and market structure. At the same time, to provide safeguards for environmental protection, medical& hygiene, education and learning, and employee’s health and safety.

Environmental Protection

The design and application of our product follows low-carbon circular economy, resource protection, environmental protection and sustainable development strategies.

Health and Safety

Our products are based on the premise of "human health and safety in use" from R&D to application.

Medical& Hygiene

Contribute to the human health care through automation and intelligent products and solutions

Education and learning

Digital technology is reshaping our work, communication and collaboration. STRENGTH empowers employees to change the world in a responsible and sustainable way.

Strength pay attention to the environment and life

Sustainability follows
our company values

Responsible, excellent and innovative. They lay the foundation for our responsible business practices and ambition to develop technologies with purpose.

Mission & Strategy

As a technology company,
Strength is driven by the aspiration to address the world´s most profound challenges
by leveraging the convergence of digitalization and sustainability.
We help to form the backbone of society, by providing technology with purpose to make manufacturing cleaner,
infrastructure more energy efficient, provide access to clean energy,
transit smarter and healthier for the planet.

By doing so, we help customers,
cities and countries to do more with less and meet their individual sustainability goals in order to create distinct benefits for
employees, people and society at large.
As such, we are convinced that the future is both digital and sustainable.